Teenage Girls and Discovering Identity on Instagram

Teenage Girls and Discovering Identity on Instagram

Instagram is the popular media for women all around the world. Being on Social Media for women causes us to write about this network especially for parents of teenage girls to know some tips about Instagram.

In this article, we will talk about teenage girls on Instagram. Teenage is a sensitive age, and teenagers want to answer this important question, Who am I and who do I want to be?

Social media is the place that teenagers enter to know their identity. Instagram faced them with different patterns and lifestyles, which influence the teenager’s identification process. So we will explain the girls’ activities on Instagram and what effect Instagram has on their identity.

Teenage girls usually have private pages on Instagram and connect with their special friends. Their pages are private and no access for all people. They seem to use Instagram more to relate with their peers. In fact, membership in this Social Media is part of friendships and relationships with peers. Peer groups are the most influential in teens, so they usually join social Media because of their friends.

This membership leads to acceptance and being up to date between the groups of friends. On the other hand, not being on Instagram cause rejection for them by their friends. They first enter Instagram to be with their friends, but after that, they are getting to know the new world and many people on Instagram.

As mentioned, teenagers want to find their identity in this media, and they follow celebrities and used them as their successful role models. In this part, we faced with this question, who does Instagram introduce to teens as successful and popular people? Everyone who has more followers known as successful. Of course, this view is not correct.

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Celebrities are who either actor, singers are or athletes are the first followed on Instagram. As a result, teens who seek their own identity and future on Instagram, accept these people as successful. That is why teen girls interest and desire to read about them.

They create fan pages for men and women of movie stars or singers and athletes, and in these pages, they express their feeling to a star. The owners of these fan pages have created groups of their fans and define their identity influenced by their favorite stars. These teens do not even express their real names and known themselves with their favorite stars.

In addition to celebrities, influencers and bloggers attract teenagers. Influencers who work in the field of fashion and beauty on Instagram. They display the newest and latest clothing and makeup models. For this reason, teens are influenced by Instagram influencers in their style.

Celebrities’ popularity, shown as a factor of success more than anything else. This pattern is introduced to teenage girls on Instagram as successful people. So that families must introduce more successful models to their girls so that they can find their identity and future in a wide range of careers, specialties, and lifestyles.

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