Instagram Tricks 2021

Instagram Tricks 2021

Instagram tricks are a topic that many people are looking for today. Everyone wants to use the latest Instagram tricks on their account in any way they can. Few people today do not know Instagram. Everyone is familiar with this social network and its great popularity all over the world. Some use this app to explore the virtual world, some use it for their business marketing and use it in the best possible way. Now I want to give you two interesting statistics from the reputable about Instagram:

80% of Instagram users typically search for different pages and purchases them from this social network, of course, buying items such as clothing, bags, accessories, mobile accessories, cars, etc.

 60% of active users on websites spend their hours visiting social networks, especially Instagram. These global statistics show the importance of this social network for all users of the web world. 

Now we have collected 30 secrets, attractive tricks for you that with each of them, you can learn the best things for your business. Instagram always has some tricks, special settings, and special options that certainly few people are aware of them.

Note: Before you start to learn Instagram tricks, it is better to update your Instagram application to the latest version and to use and test these tricks, it is better to change your Instagram language to English.

1.By notifications get the latest post on your favorite pages.

One of the problems of Instagram,s posts is that we see the new posts of our favorite pages late. By activating the post and story notification option on your favorite page, when these pages upload a new post or story on Instagram, you will notice that. This is one of the Instagram tricks to find out the exact time of this in your favorite post pages.

Important Note: These notifications, if enabled for this application, can receive them. All you have to do is:

Go to your mobile settings and from the notification section of the application, activate the notification system of the Instagram application. Of course, this system is enabled by default for some applications, such as Instagram.

2.Make attractive your Instagram bio with special fonts!

Another great technique for Instagram tricks that will attractive for you is changing the font of the Instagram bio. 

You must know what is the Instagram bio section used for? 

Users generally use this section to introduce themselves to their audience. So this part is very important.

  • Use specific fonts for Instagram bio via mobile

 You can use the LingoJam website to do this. Just open the desired site, type the text you want to change the font on the left side. Then in the right part, see that text or phrase with different fonts.

 Now select and copy the font, go to the Instagram app, go to edit the profile section, the bio section, and finally paste it into this section.

  • Use specific fonts for Instagram bio via PC & Laptop

If you want to use Instagram tricks on your laptop and edit your profile with your computer or laptop, Font Space is a great reference for changing the bio font on Instagram. By this site, you can choose the best font for yourself and upload it to your Bio. 

In the following, we have listed the steps: 

· Select the desired font from the Font Space site

· Click on the font download option 

· Open the downloaded font folder 

· Open the font file 

· Install fonts on the system (click on install option)

· Open Instagram site 

· Log in to your account 

· Enter the profile editing section

· Edit bio with the desired font

instagram tricks for girls

3.Add a special character to the bio 

Another Instagram trick that is definitely attractive and interesting for everyone is to use special characters in the bio. As we said in the previous section of the Instagram Tricks Tutorial, not only you can change the bio font, but also add special characters, such as different emoticons, to your bio. Maybe you cannot find some of the characters you need on your mobile and laptop keyboard.

We teach you this Instagram trick for you to use both on your mobile and laptop:

  •  Add a special character on Instagram with mobile:

In this tutorial, I want to introduce you to an app that is useful for this trick. The Character Pad app shows you several characters, Greek letters, and special symbols, and you can use these characters in any text, such as a bio or Instagram posts. Just download this application, enter the app and select your character and use it in the desired text.

  • Add a special character on Instagram with Laptop:

Most of you are probably familiar with this method. One of the best characters for use in written text is the Symbol section of Microsoft software. All you have to do is open a new Word file, type your own text, and then select your own character from the Symbol section, and finally enter it into the Bio section or any other section in the Instagram app.

 4. Searching on Instagram without logging in to your account

You may want to log in to Instagram with a device other than your personal mobile phone and laptop and show it to a friend, or you may not want to enter your username and password in a system other than your system for security reasons. To do this, we offer you two of the Instagram tricks:

  •  Add a username to the Instagram site address

 Any account from which you want to receive information, you can visit this account by entering its username, then the address of the Instagram site.

  •  Searching in Google with the search algorithm on the pages of a site

Google has created an algorithm for users that allows you to search for a particular phrase on a site page, not among thousands of sites. Just search for the following algorithm in the Google search field:

Site: Name of the user

Instead of the name of the user, you should search for the username you want to get the result you want in the shortest time.

5. See all the posts you liked here!

If you want to see all the posts you liked, you do not need to implement a special algorithm or trick. This trick may not be suitable for Instagram tricks, but any trick will work for you one day anyway.

 You can also use this trick to unlike the recent posts that you liked. Just find a post on Instagram that you liked it past and now you want to unlike it.


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