How to Edit an Instagram Image Captions After You’ve Posted?

How to Edit an Instagram Image Captions After You’ve Posted?

How to Edit an Instagram Image Captions After You’ve Posted?

New Instagram update allows you to edit image captions! Instagram with its photos, gives life to the posts and texts. Sometimes you hastily select your desired photo but make a mistake in typing the captions or, for example, you forgot to add a special emoji to the text.

Now, unlike before, Instagram in its new update allows you to edit the post. In the past, the only way to correct and edit the text below the photos was to delete the image. Go through the upload process again, edit and republish the photo. But with the new Instagram update, things have become easier for users.

This update is available on Android and iOS. The manufacturer has also announced that it has made changes to the Explorer menu! As a result, you can easily find the people whom posts you want to follow. The Explore menu is about photos and accounts. Now, How to change the caption of posts on Instagram?

The first step is to log in to your profile and go to your homepage where all posts are visible. In the second step, the user must select a photo that intends to change its caption  Go to the settings and select the three-point settings in the option. After selecting this section, a list of options will appear for you:

  • Archive
  • Turn Off Comments
  • Edit
  • Share
  • Delete

In the fourth step, you must select the Edit option, which is the same as editing the caption. After that, you will be able to update your post automatically. (Both content and hashtags). Edit the previously tagged photos by selecting the black option at the bottom left of the photo.

When is the best time to edit a caption or photo?

  • When posts do not reflect what is on the user’s mind. This is the best time to edit.
  • When you add content to the post
  • When you add hashtags or tag friends in the post

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