How to copy an Instagram caption?

How to copy an Instagram caption?

In this article, we will teach you how to copy captions, comments, or bio on Instagram.

If you are a die-hard Instagram fan. You may have seen certain content in captions, comments, bios, or Instagram hashtags. And you wanted to copy it. You may want to share it elsewhere.

However, by default, the Instagram app, both on Android and iOS, does not allow you to copy the Instagram caption. But there are always ways to circumvent Instagram restrictions. Captions, bios, hashtags, and Instagram comments can be copied with simple tricks. And used elsewhere.

Because Instagram is a platform that includes visual and textual content. You will definitely see captions that appeal to you. But due to the limitations of this social network, you can not easily copy it. But fortunately, there are different ways to copy Instagram comments and captions to your mobile or desktop, Continue reading the article to discover quick and effortless tricks of copying text from Instagram!

Method 1: Use a mobile browser to copy the Instagram caption

To copy Instagram captions, you can use a browser such as Chrome on your iPhone, Android, iPad, and tablet. All you have to do is open your Instagram post first. After copying the link, open Chrome on your mobile phone and tap the address bar. Paste the link in the bar. Tap and hold in the address bar, then tap “Paste”.

To load the URL, tap the Go button on the keyboard at the bottom right. Instagram posts will be loaded in Chrome. Click the more button to reveal the full text of the caption. Click and hold the caption text to select it. Now drag it using the two buttons at the beginning and end of the selected text. And get all the text you want.

Once you have selected the desired text, click on the icon in the small window that opens. The caption text is now copied to your device memory. You just have to put it in your new post on Instagram.

Method 2: Use desktop site mode in Chrome Mobile

So, while we can not copy the comment as above in the mobile web version, we can ask Chrome to open Instagram in desktop mode. To bypass the mobile version. And download the web page to your PC like a desktop browser. Now we can copy and paste the comment on our mobile phone without the need for a computer.

How do we do this?

To copy the Instagram caption using the “Desktop Site” option, first copy the post link to Instagram. And then open it in Chrome browser on your mobile phone according to method number 1 above. Next, tap the 3-dot menu button in the upper right corner of your phone. And tap “Desktop Site”.

Let Chrome load Instagram in desktop mode. Now you can not only select the caption text but you can also select the comment. Tap the post to open it. Since the small text is visible in this mode, you can drag it to enlarge the text. Tap and hold a word to select text. You will now have the start and end selection buttons. Drag the selected text from the caption to select all the text you need. Once done, tap the copy icon to copy it to your mobile clipboard. You can now put it in a new Instagram post. First, tap and hold in the text section and then click “Paste” to paste it into your post.

Copy comments in desktop site mode. Similarly, to copy an Instagram comment, after clicking on the post to open it, go to the comments section and open them all. Find the comment you want to copy. Comment and hold on to each word of it. Then expand the selection button on the comment text and then click “Copy”. The text of this comment is copied to the clipboard of your device. And now you can paste it.

Method 3: Use the OCR app on your mobile to copy your Instagram caption

If you have a little adventure or challenge, try OCR technology to copy your Instagram caption. This process may not be as simple as opening the web version of Instagram. But the result is worth the test. OCR stands for Optical Character Reader. And allows you to convert photos to text. OCR technology first scans the image containing the text. It then uses artificial intelligence to turn the photo into text.

OCR technology first scans the image containing the text. It then uses artificial intelligence to turn the photo into text.

Using the OCR program:

1) Open your Instagram app. Go to the Instagram post to copy the caption of the enemy. (Or open the comment you want to copy.)

2) Take a screenshot of the screenshot that shows a caption or comment.

3) Open the Google Photos app on Android or iOS.

4) In the Google Photos app, tap the screenshot you took to open the app. (Comment or caption must be visible.)

5) now find the Google Lens button in the bottom row. Tap it to summon Google AI. This app will highlight all the text you can select in seconds.

6) Google shows you all the text in the image that you can choose to copy.

7) Select the text you want to copy. You can scroll up and down to view the texts available for selection. So, go up to see the caption. Then tap and hold any part of the caption to select it.

Now, set the start and end markers to select all the text you need. After selecting the text, click the Copy text button. Note: To translate the selected text, tap the Translate button. (Or click the Search button to search directly on Google.)

An alternative to copying text? We introduced the Google Photos app to copy text from photos in this guide. If you do not have the Google Photos app or do not want to install it. You can use any other program that can do this.

For example, you can use the Adobe Scan alternative to scan text from an image. You can download it from Google Play and the App Store.

instagram copy caption for girls

Method 4: Use the OCR website on your computer to copy text

You can also scan the image to text with OCR websites. One of these websites is a website called This way, you no longer need to install a program to copy the Instagram caption. On this website, you can easily upload your screenshot from the screen. The website extracts the caption text from your screenshot. You can then copy this text and paste it into your Instagram post.

Method 5: Use third-party tools to copy Instagram captions

Another way to copy comments and captions of Instagram posts is to use a special application for Android, Universal Copy. This application uses the accessibility service to check and retrieve the textual content displayed on your Android page. The app is available in the Google Play Store, so it is safe to use.

Steps of copying captions with Universal Copy program

1) Install the Universal Copy app on your Android smartphone and open it.

2) From the main screen of the program, tap the Universal Copy button at the top of the screen.

3) You will be asked to allow access to your device access services.

4) Once you have granted the necessary permissions. You can copy the best bio, caption, comment, or Instagram hashtag of your choice.

5) Open the Instagram app and go to the post or profile where you want to copy the caption. Go to your notifications section. Tap the Universal Copy notification option to enter Copy mode.

6) Click on the text you want to copy. Then tap the pencil icon that appears at the top of the screen. Now drag your finger. Select the section you want to copy. Tap the Copy button in the right corner of the screen. Your text will now be automatically copied to the clipboard. This app seems safe though. But because you have to give it access to your phone. It is best to check it before use.


Because Instagram does not support copying to native apps. These methods are useful for copying Instagram captions in just a few seconds. Interestingly, Universal Copy doesn’t just work with Instagram. If you find a website that does not have the ability to copy, you can use this useful site to copy the text. In addition to copying the Instagram caption, you can also; Copy the comment, hashtag, or widow using some of these methods.

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