What is the difference between a blogger, an influencer, and a freelancer?

What is the difference between a blogger, an influencer, and a freelancer?

Blogger, influencer, or freelancer, which group are you from?

Who are you, a blogger, an influencer, or a freelancer?

Which one would you like to be?

This article, help you decide on what you should do to make money online and plan more carefully. The online industry is booming today, and as a result, we seem to hear new terms from internet marketers every day. Blogger, influencer, freelancer, etc. However, if you are just, starting and do not know which path to take, you want to have an online personality.

This article enables us to discuss the difference between a blogger and an influencer and you should know what you need to do to make money online. Therefore, we recommend that you read this article to the end to get acquainted with bloggers, influencers, and freelancers.

In some cases, terms such as blogger and influencer have been used interchangeably, but it does not matter. The two are different and have a more fundamental difference with the freelancer. Understanding the differences and similarities between bloggers and influencers as well as freelancers will help you plan your journey and decide exactly how you can make money online.

To understand the difference between a blogger, an influencer, and a freelancer, let’s first define each term. Then consider who can be a blogger, influencer, or freelancer.

Who is a freelancer?


A freelancer is an independent service provider, often working on several different projects for multiple clients simultaneously. Freelancers receive their income from the employer after completing the project. Their work is often short-lived and limited.

The price they receive from their services can be daily, hourly, or project. Some of the most common freelance jobs include graphic design, text writing, website creation, or photography. Freelancers can operate in almost any service-based industry, such as translation and consulting.

Who is a blogger?


Blogger someone who has a personal blog and regularly updates their blog posts. In short, a blogger is someone who manages a blog. A blogger creates valuable and informative content. Bloggers provide content that readers can improve their lives by reading. Or they offer specialized knowledge to help people solve their problems. Images or videos, any kind of content that a blogger creates should be relevant.

Who is an influencer?


Influencer means someone influential. Influencers use various social networks to motivate their fans to buy products. Or they use a specific brand and the companies they work with for this purpose. Influencer advertises products and services through their social media pages. For example, most people who do this on Instagram or other social networks are the same influencers

Now let’s look at the basic differences between a blogger, an influencer, and a freelancer.

An influencer does not need to have a blog.

They are active in one or more different social networks as an influencer. It may or may not include a blog. Examples of social networks where influencers can be active are Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. An influencer is someone who has an online platform. It follows a lot of people and therefore has a great effect on the audience’s purchasing decisions. Bloggers can become influencers. Influencers cannot become bloggers.

Freelancer does not need to have a site or work on social networks.

Freelancers offer a variety of services for different companies depending on their skills and expertise. A freelancer can promote his / her expertise on social media. Or have a blog to introduce and express their abilities. A freelancer’s income is through telecommuting for various companies and organizations and covers a variety of areas, such as an influencer or blogger by advertising other people’s products or convincing their followers to buy a product.

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