9 Successful and Rich Women in the World

9 Successful and Rich Women in the World

Some most famous economic magazines in the world have been published a list of successful and rich women in the world at the end of each year. Although some of these women have inherited their wealth, many of them are self-made women. They themselves have counted their success and gained their wealth, and this number is increasing every year.

It is generally believed that men appear more powerful and successful than women in most fields, including business and monetization. Women who enter the business world often have problems and failures. However, the role of women in the world in business, especially in recent years, has been advanced and they have a high potential for further progress in the future. The women you meet below are some of the figures that show women can also achieve significant economic success by managing their opportunities and wealth.

Alice Walton

richest woman

Walmart Chain

Assets: $ 46 billion

First is Alice Walton (born October 1949), an American businesswoman known as the richest in the world. Her worth is estimated at $ 46 billion. Alice is the daughter of Sam Walton. He established Walmart (an American retail company with the largest chain of grocery stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets in the world). Alice and other members of the Walton family own about 50 percent of Walmart. In addition to business, she was interested in the art world and bought her first favorite work of art, a copy of Picasso, at the age of 10 from his father’s shop. Alice’s interest in art sparked her initiative to establish an art museum by the Walton Family Foundation. Her focus is on collecting artwork and managing her family assets.

François Betancourt Meyer

richest woman

L’Oreal Cosmetics

Assets: $ 42.2 billion

François Betancourt Meyer (born July 1953) is a French entrepreneur. She is the daughter of Lillian Betancourt, owner of L’Oreal, who inherited her wealth because of the death of her mother. François’s mother Lillian was the owner of L’Oreal Cosmetics Company, who died at the age of 94. Her wealth estimated at $ 40 billion before her death and she was known as the richest woman in the world during her lifetime. François now manages her mother’s billion-dollar assets, which includes her share in L’Oreal, and she is the Company’s Board of Directors and, of course, the assets of the well-known cosmetics brand. In addition to being a member of the L’Oreal Board of Directors, François also serves as the Managing Director of the Betancourt Family Foundation. In addition to management, she also works in the field of writing and has published three books so far.

Hoyan Yang

richest woman

Chinese real estate

Assets: $ 25.8 billion

Huyan Yang is the third most powerful woman in the world. This Chinese girl is an entrepreneur, businessman, and CEO who now works as a property developer, major shareholder, and owner of Country Garden Holding. Yang is known as the richest woman in Asia. He graduated from Ohio State University in 2003 and then come back to China and never returned to the United States.

Yang’s father established a real estate company called Biojian in 1997, and in 2007 he sold 70 percent of the shares to his daughter. Yang was elected vice president of the company in 2014, and with her economic knowledge and the sale of new shares, $ 410 million was added to the company’s assets. In early 2018, he increased her assets in her father’s company, increasing her assets by more than two billion and one hundred million dollars!

Susan Klatten

richest woman

Owner Chemicals and medicines Company

Assets: $ 17.4 billion

Susan Klatten (born April 1962) is a German entrepreneur, financier, and CEO. She holds a master’s degree in financial management and advertising from Buckingham University in the United Kingdom and is a major shareholder in the Bahamas. Ms. Clatton and her brother Stephen were elected to the company’s Board of Directors in 1997.

Susan Klatten also inherited a 50.1 percent share in Altana Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals after her father died. In 2009, he bought the other parts shares of the company, which she did not own, and is now a member of the company’s board of directors. Altana, now under her management and has become a global company and is on the list of the top 30 companies in the German stock market.

Gina Reinhart

richest woman

mine owner and media owner

 Assets: $ 17.7 billion

Gina Reinhart, born in February 1954, is an Australian businesswoman, and billionaire. This Australian woman inherits a mining empire that earns 1.5 million euros a day. Reforms in Australia’s mining sector have made the miner one of the richest women in the world. She is the daughter of Langi Hancock, an Australian entrepreneur and the discoverer of the world’s largest iron mine in Western Australia.

Gina dropped out of school when she was in high school to work for her father, and after her father died in 1992, her property was left to her only child and heir, Gina. In addition to mining, she is a major shareholder in Channel 10, one of Australia’s three largest television networks, and the largest shareholder in Fairfax Media, the country’s second-largest newspaper publisher. According to her children, Ms. Hancock is a very hard-working person.

Abigail Johnson

richest woman

Manager of a firm investment

Assets: $ 17.3 billion

Abigail Johnson born in Boston in December 1961, Abigail Pierpont Johnson is a successful American executive and vice president of Fidelity Investment. If you are wondering what Fidelity is, you should know that it is a multinational company in the field of investment management services, mutual fund management, wealth management, and life insurance services. The company is headed by Abigail’s father, Edward Johnson.

In 2013, the Johnson family owned 49% of the company, of which Abigail’s share was 24.5%. In 2016, Ms. Johnson was officially appointed President and CEO of the investment company, which has 45,000 employees worldwide. Abigail, whose company raised a staggering $ 893 billion in small investors in the market, is known as one of the most influential women executives in the United States in the field of financial management. She is one of the most powerful women who has been able to lead such a large company among 400 companies in the market!

Lauren Powell Jobs

Apple shareholder and manager and a humanitarian institution

Assets: $ 14 billion

Lauren Powell Jobs, 54, known as the wife of Steve Jobs, is a successful American entrepreneur. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1958 and received her master’s degree from Stanford Business School in 1991. In the same year, she married Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and inherited all of his assets after Jobs’s death in 2011.

Paul Jobs, now Apple’s largest shareholder, is also the CEO of the Emerson Collective, which he founded in 2004. This organization invests with a focus on immigration, health, social justice, education, and so on. Emerson Collective, under the dynamic management of Ms. Jobs, also acquired a majority share in the prestigious Atlantic magazine in 2017.

Miuccia Prada

richest woman

Dress Designer And Manager of Prada Fashion House

Assets: $ 11.1 billion

Miuccia Prada born in May 1949 in Milan, Italy, and a successful fashion designer, is quite familiar to those who are interested in the world of design, textiles, and clothing. She is the CEO of Prada, a specialized Italian fashion brand and manufacturer of luxury goods for men and women. Mario Prada started presenting Prada brand works and products in 1913 by producing different suitcases and handbags for the people of Milan.

Prada Fashion House is now famous for producing men’s and women’s luxury clothing and is a multi-billion dollar luxury brand. Miuccia took over the family business in 1978, and during her creative presidency, in addition to Mimio, the famous Helmut Lang and Jill Sander brands, including the Prada subsidiary, were created and marketed.

Zhou Kanfi

richest woman in the world

Managing director of the phone screen production factory

Assets: $ 9.8 billion

Zhou Kanfi is one of the most powerful figures of 2018 and was born in 1970 in China. The third child of a poor family, she dropped out of high school to work in a watch factory. When Kanfi turned 22, she started her own watch lens company.

The company continued to produce smartphone screens, and it was not long before the business flourished and became one of the most successful businesses in the world under the impressive management of Zhou Kanfi. The Chinese billionaire girl is currently the richest self-made woman in the world with a worth of $ 9.8 billion.

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